Tumbling Arts

Miss Thera Thera Thibeault is a copywriter for www.therawrites.com and the shipping coordinator at Globe Fire Sprinkler in Standish. She has over 20 years of background in gymnastics competition and instruction along with a bit of dance knowledge sprinkled in. She's coached at several gyms here in Michigan and a couple down in North Carolina. Aerials are her favorite.

She lives in Sterling with her husband, Sam, her daughter, Cardyn and two dogs, Harley and Dyna-Mo.

When not working or "momming", she can be found lost in a good book, playing Trivial Pursuit and trying to not kill her orchid

Tumbling Classes~

The first three roles of our tumbling program are Safety, Safety, Safety. We will develop necessary skills while always putting safety and long term health and wellness of our students first. 

Tumble Tots This class is an excellent introduction to movement for young children who are full of energy and able to follow directions. Students work on basics of tumbling, strength, coordination, following directions, and directional awareness. 

Junior Level Tumbling:

We offer levels 2-3 for our junior levels. In these classes students begin learning their rolls, handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, back walk overs, and introduction to handsprings. 

Intermediate Level Tumbling:

Miss Thera develops more technical skills to continue the Stage Right Tumbling Program. Students will continue to work on Hand Springs and Back Tucks while introducing combinations. Students must be placed or invited to these classes. 



Students are required to wear a leotard or unitard. Stretch pants are allowed. Hair is required to be pulled into a ponytail. No hanging earrings or necklaces are allowed. Tumbling shoes are also required. Stage Right does offer all dance / gymnastics wear at the studio. 

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