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Stage Right’s GymnaStec’s program is designed to give students the opportunity to develop basic gymnastics skills. Student class groups range in age from 3 years old to 18.  Class size is limited to approximately 9 students.  The class sessions are held on Thursday evenings in Tawas, they are 45 minutes long, and the cost is $65 for a six-week session.


The GymnaStec’s classes run for six weeks per session.  Students attend for six weeks and then are off for about six weeks while a different group of students attends.  The six-week sessions rotate throughout the school year with each group attending three six-week sessions during a school year.  In addition to tumbling skills, GymnaStec’s students will also use some gymnastics equipment to learn basic bar, vault, and balance beam skills.  The GymnaStec’s students do not perform in the studio recital programs.  


The classes for toddlers are designed to provide social interaction and help students learn to participate in group activities. We will focus on gross motor skills, spatial and directional awareness, listening skills, and cooperation…as well as gymnastics!


*To register for a class, you must contact Denise Stec directly. Her classes are all currently full, but you can be added to a waiting list by emailing her at

Waitlisted students are welcome to register for Stage Right tumbling classes in Tawas.  Please contact the studio at

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