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~Dance Arts Classes ~


Dance Combo- This class combines fundamental skills in Ballet, Jazz and Tap. Using imagery and engaging music, the class focuses on basic technique and proper body alignment. Elements include dance class etiquette, warm up and stretch ballet at center floor and barre, jazz technique, across the floor, tap fundamentals, time steps and choreography.  This is the recommended core class for the Beginner, Beginner-Intermediate and Intermediate levels. 


Specialty Classes- We offer Pointe, Hip Hop, Tap Only, and Lyrical for students who wish to specialize in one form of dance. 


Advanced Ballet Technique - As students advance in their skills, they may be invited to join these programs which are designed to push participants to the next level of performance and dance. These classes prepare students for competition and other performance opportunities. 

Creative Movement- This class is designed to enhance your child’s motor, listening and social skills through song and dance activities. Students will be introduced to basic ballet and tap technique with no tap shoes required.

We pride ourselves on offering innovative lesson plans that make teaching correct technique fun and exciting for all ages. Our goal is for our students to fall in love with the performing arts, build confidence and learn important life skills through each and every class we offer. 


~Tumbling Classes~

The first three roles of our tumbling program are Safety, Safety, Safety. We will develop necessary skills while always putting safety and long term health and wellness of our students first. 

Tumble Tots:  This class is an excellent introduction to movement for young children who are full of energy and able to follow directions. Students work on basics of tumbling, strength, coordination, following directions, and directional awareness. 

Junior Level Tumbling:

We offer levels 1-3 for our junior levels. In these classes students begin learning their rolls, handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, back walk overs, and introduction to handsprings. 

Intermediate Level Tumbling:

This is for students level 4-5. Students will continue to work on Hand Springs and Back Tucks while introducing combinations. Students must be placed or invited to these classes. 


Music and Drama (Standish Only)


Private Lessons: 

We offer professional private lessons with highly trained instructors. Students receive one - on - one instruction in twenty minute sessions. They perform solos in two annual shows. Private lessons are available in Voice, Piano, Guitar, All String Instruments, All Brass and Woodwind Instruments as well as Drums.  To book private lesson sessions, returning students are now able to register online. New students should email to discuss which instructor will best meet your needs. 

Competitive Cheer  (Standish Only)

Stage Right offers a unique opportunity for children interested in Competitive Cheer. Our squads participate in two competitions in Michigan during the school year as well as perform in our Competitive Showcase and Grand Performance. This is an affordable opportunity and does not require the commitment that most Competitive Cheer Programs do. 

Students are encouraged to also take a tumbling class to compliment their cheer skills and stunts. Basic tumbling is worked on during cheer practices. Students will learn lifts, tricks and stunts. All of our programs only utilize family friendly music and uniforms. 

Competitive Dance Team (Standish Only)

Stage Right offers an exciting competitive experience to our students who show a great deal of passion and enthusiasm for dance. 

We perform at three Michigan Based Competitions throughout the Dance Year. We have participated in Dance Force Xpress, StarQuest, I Love Dance and Creation. 

The team has significantly grown over the past five years and  have won many awards and received High Gold and Platinum Scores. 

This opportunity is by invite only. If you are interested, please discuss your goals with Miss Shayna so that she can help you achieve the appropriate level to participate. 

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